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Kimara 101: All the information you wanted to know

We warmly welcome you to Kimara, the ninth regional camp of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Guides and Scouts! We are expecting the camp to gather more than 6000 participants to come together to Evo, Hämeenlinna for an unforgettable experience.  

Kimara, which roughly translates to “mixture”, is a scout camp for the new generation, combining the loved scout traditions of yesterday with the visions of tomorrow. The overreaching themes of sustainability, friendship and caring are the building blocks of which Kimara is made of. 

Daily life and program on Kimara

The daily life on camp includes new friends, unique experiences and exciting programs, where you will be able to challenge yourself and enjoy nature! And one must not forget the awesome evening parties either! Programs and schedules will be tailored to keep in mind each participants’ age group.  

The camp offers breakfast, 2 warm meals and an evening snack. Remember to let us know of your special dietary requirements when registering. Participants will sleep in tents provided by the local scout troops. Participants are also welcome to use their own tent.

Registration and paying

Registration for the camp is open from 15.1. until 13.3. Registration should be done by guardians for campers under the age of 18.   

The participation fee for the full camp (26.7-3.8.) is 220 €. For the shorter camp (27.7.-30.7.), the fee is 160 €. All participants aged 7-9 will participate in the shorter camp, if their guardian is not present. Participants over the age of 18 may also register for the day camp. The day camp fee (47 €) entitles you to participate the camp for 24 hours, including meals from lunch to breakfast, the camp program, and tent accommodation provided by local troop.

Please keep in mind that the camp fee is paid during the enrollment. Every participant’s enrollment and payment are carried out separately. If the payment is interrupted, enrollment must be redone again from scratch. Enrollment becomes valid only after the payment has been completed and confirmed by the system. Do not close the browser before payment has been confirmed. 

Non-scounts at Kimara

Not yet a scout? No worries! Kimara is a camp open for everyone and it is our mission that each and every one of our campers feel welcome! Non-scouts do have to keep a few things in mind:

• Contrary to previous regional camps, participants will stay with local scout troops during the camp. The scout groups are there for you and are more than happy to introduce you to the world of scouts!

• You are able to registerto the camp through the registration link above

Camp explorers

Camp explorers consist of 12 to 22 year old non-scouts that speak a language other than Finnish or Swedish as their mother tongue.

• The camp explorer camp lasts from 27.7.24 until 30.7.24
• Camp explorers have their own seperate registration form 
The camp organizers withhold the right to cancel enrollment in cases of misuse and/or fraud.

Accessibility at Kimara

Kimara has an accessability guarantee, which you can read about in the terms of registration. We try our very best to make sure that Kimara is as accessable as posssible. If you have any further questions, do not be afraid to ask via e-mail to